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Locksmith being an ancient profession, it brings to mind a person carrying conventional tools like saws, picks and files, working away to create a duplicate key or repairing a damaged lock. But as our security needs have advanced, we’ve progressed from carrying a big bunch of keys to electronic lock systems and card access.

This has redefined the job description of a locksmith which is not just confined to the mass produced, standardized, lock and keys being made since the 18th century, but in fact, has progressed to include the high tech access control systems, master key systems, high security safes, and electronic locks with password or fingerprint protected entry as well.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that locksmithing has progressed from a family trade and skills passed down from generations, to an occupation requiring a rigorous study program. In Australia, for example, qualified locksmiths have most likely undertaken an Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship program, and institutions like the Master Locksmiths

Association have been established to further the aims of the industry. Considering the fact that the safety of many of our industries, and sensitive organizations depend on this profession, many locksmiths in Australia are required to comply with security industry licensing regulations.

With such a level of scrutiny on this field, it is but natural to expect the high standard services provided by Adelaide locksmiths in this region, catering to residential, corporate, industrial and automotive needs. Many companies offer a 24 hour service in Adelaide, with quick response and an emergency team just a phone call away.

Many companies have fleets of well equipped cars to deal with almost any kind of situation, a concept that is not so prevalent in other locales.

Corporate Solutions

If you belong to the corporate sector, you can avail from one of the diverse services offered which include digital access control whereby only the relevant staff has admittance to a certain area, through keycards, and a database tracks the entry and exit of the personnel.

Moreover, this type of building entry system can also be used to log the time in and time out of employees for payroll purposes. Professional locksmiths can help with the maintenance and installation of both hardwired and wireless systems depending upon the needs.

Similarly, the old school option of keeping a separate keys for various entry routes as well as a master key which resides with your security in charge is also available. This is a restricted system in which the other keys cannot be duplicated unless a proof of authorisation is provided. Many locksmithing organizations help in the designing and set up stage, as well as safeguarding and maintaining them.

If you are concerned about your home, again there are many options for you. Most of our domestic needs center around keeping prized jewellery, gems, sensitive documents and the like protected. And what better way to keep them safe than having a safe. Modern day locksmiths also provide security safes for those who like to keep their valuables at home rather than banks.

They can help you install them, relocate the existing one or change the password combination. And while we are on the topic of these advanced safety tools, the conventional padlock and chain option, including the inexhaustible master combination padlock, is also offered to suit the day to day needs.

Furthermore, your local locksmith will also cater to your meter box, enabling you to install a hasp and staple on the box. This means no body can mess around with your electricity supply. A grim aspect that adds weight-age to this precaution is the murder of an Adelaide suburban Anne Redman who was lured out of her home to investigate her meter box when her power was cut, and subsequently murdered.

To safeguard against incidents like these, a lock can be installed to suit the ETSA master key, and an individual key provided to the house owner.

New Technology

An added source of comfort is the advent of anti-bumping locks which came into limelight after news featuring bumping techniques currently being utilized by cons and thugs, which can open locks without any signs of tampering. Your locksmiths can give you the benefit of the kinetic defense technology that provide resistance against bumping.

Talk about matching blow for blow.

Additionally, in case your existing transponder key needs to be replicated you can also render the services of locksmith. These specialists can also help you if you’ve run the misfortune of locking yourself out of your car. This is when the 24/7 service brings a sigh of relief, as many professionals in Adelaide can get to you in a matter of minutes and save you from this quandary.

Moreover, if you’ve lost the keys to your car, whether transponder or normal keys, not to worry. New keys will be provided for your car and even lock recoding and repair services are available.

Locksmiths provide countless miscellaneous services that we don’t even notice and yet are crucial for our regular needs. These can range from doorstops, to peepholes, panic bolts and pad bolts, toilet vacancy indicators, deadlocks and sliding door and window locks, and even the ubiquitous CCTV cameras. The world of locksmithing encompasses it all.

What type of service do you need?

There are many locksmiths available in Adelaide to suit a variety of needs, available 24/7 and catering to modern lock systems as well as orthodox locking techniques. They are prompt, friendly and readily available.

Many of these are members of the Master Locksmiths Association as well. These include Adelaide Locksmiths, SHSA (Security House of SA Locksmiths Adelaide) and Rite Price Locksmiths with mobile services.


Likewise locksmiths also have many options in which to specialize, ranging from automotive and domestic to industrial locking needs. Locksmiths can be hired to offer consultancy service to people to recommend security solutions depending on the type of building and security layer required, and preventing a potential break in.

It has never been so easy to ensure who comes in and who stays out, to protect your premises, property and even loved ones at home.